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Fly through security with our B-FAST dedicated security lane.

B-FAST is exclusively available at LaGuardia Terminal B and allows passengers to purchase an express pass to skip to the front of the security line by scanning their pass upon entry to the security check point. Once the pass is scanned, passengers go to the front of the line for the required TSA document check and screening process.

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1. Select

Choose the option which best suits you.

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2. Share

Give access to others in your group.

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3. Use

Scan your QR code at the designated B-Fast lane as you enter the security check point, after check-in. You will then go to the head of the line for TSA document check and screening.


To gain access to our B-FAST security lane, you can purchase either an Instant Pass for immediate access or a Pre-Booked Pass in advance.

Instant Pass gives you instant access to our dedicated security lane. It is active from the time of purchase and must be used within 90 days.

Pre-booked Pass gives you access to our dedicated security lane. Passes purchased today will become active 1 hour after purchase and must be used within 90 days. Passes purchased for a future date will become active on the day of travel and must be used within 90 days of the activation date. This is a good option for future trips.

Traveling with family and friends? Purchase multiple passes and share the individual pass with each traveler. The party does not need to pass through the B-FAST lane together as long as each person has their individual pass.

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