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Fall 2019 Construction Update
Main Terminal (Headhouse) 

Work is rapidly progressing on the main portion of the terminal (headhouse), with the glass curtain wall and roof now complete. Inside the building, testing and commissioning of the new baggage handling system is underway, along with a variety of HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems. Tile and carpet installation is underway throughout the facility. Check out the video below to see the final piece of steel being installed in the headhouse.

Eastern Concourse

The new Eastern Concourse opened on December 1, 2018 to guests. Travelers flying with Air Canada, Southwest, United, and select American flights will use the new gates, of which 16 out of 18 are now operational. Guests are now able to enjoy new dining and retail options that showcase the best of New York.

Western Concourse

Steel erection is complete, and exterior framing is in progress, on the first phase of the new western concourse that will house Terminal B’s remaining 17 new gates.  

Central Hall 

Work is progressing on the Central Hall, which will connect the new Terminal B to the new Terminal C, creating Governor Cuomo's vision of a unified airport. Structural steel is complete on top of Terminal B's CHRP (Central Heating & Refrigeration Plant) and roofing installation of the future Central Hall is ongoing. The Central Hall will also be able to accommodate a proposed AirTrain station.

East Pedestrian Bridge 

Work is progressing on the pedestrian bridge that will connect the headhouse to the new eastern concourse. Steel now spans over the existing terminal headhouse and the bridge will eventually span over active taxi lane.

Pier B Demolition

Following the demolition of the old Pier A that allowed for the remaining gates to open in our new eastern concourse, demolition began on the existing Pier B. Pier B demolition was completed in Summer 2019 and utility work and concrete placement is ongoing in the area, in preparation for the western concourse activation in 2020.

Terminal B Parking Garage 

The new Terminal B parking garage has been completed and is now open to guests. 

Field Spotlight: Steelwork 

Learn more about the scope of the steelwork going on at the new Terminal B by watching the video below.

Time-Lapse Camera 

LaGuardia Gateway Partners is building a new state-of-the-art Terminal B at LaGuardia Airport. 

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