Terminal B's
Digital Assistant

Need guidance? 

Navigate the new Terminal B with a digital assistant.


Contactless. Safe. Smart.

Terminal B is proud to offer an innovative solution for our guests who'd like extra guidance when navigating the terminal. We know you have questions about the terminal, how to find your gate & make the most of your experience and the Terminal B Digital Assistant is here to help! 


Need Guidance?

Do you need guidance to confidently navigate the terminal? Ask the Digital Assistant how to find your gate, where the family restrooms are located, and more.

Some exciting new features coming soon to the Digital Assistant:

  • Help before you arrive for your flight

  • Tips on fun things to do & see at the terminal

  • Expanded ground transportation options

  • Additional services like insurance and parking 

  • plus more! 

This Digital Assistant is available to all travelers for free, without downloading an app. Chat into this service via web or SMS. It's easy to use!

Feel confident about your travel experience. Let the new Terminal B Digital Assistant guide you so that your journey can be less stressful and more fulfilling!