Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction

400Hz Power Units and PC Air

A 400Hz ground power unit will be installed at each gate to deliver standby power for aircraft operating systems.  Additionally, electric-powered preconditioned air (PC Air) units will be installed to provide heated/cooled air as needed to maintain a comfortable cabin temperature while the aircraft is parked at the gates. The new design saves fuel, reduces the localized ozone pollution & greenhouse gas emissions, and lowers the ambient noise level.

Low Emission/Fuel Efficient Vehicle

At the newly constructed Terminal B Parking Garage operated by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, there are 167 preferred parking stalls for low emission/fuel efficient vehicles. In addition, the new garage has 5 electric charging stations with provisions for 5 more.

Transition to Electric Ground Support Equipment

Airlines use ground support equipment (GSE) to ferry luggage, tow aircrafts, and move cargo in support of their aircraft turnaround services. Conventional GSE burns gasoline or diesel fuel and generates exhaust emissions. The airlines will gradually transition to the exclusive use of electric bag tractors, belt loaders, and pushback tractors at the new Terminal B. A target goal has been established for the airlines to fully transition to electric by 2027. The electric GSE would generate no on-site emissions and help reduce localized ozone levels as well as greenhouse gas emissions.