Holiday Travel Tips 


  • Allow Extra Travel Time: Whether you’re taking the bus, getting dropped-off, or driving yourself, be sure to allow extra travel time. This is the busiest time of the year and increased traffic and longer lines for check-in and security are expected. Have time to spare? LaGuardia Central Terminal B has 2 food courts and numerous retail shops you can enjoy.


  • Airlines have moved terminals! JetBlue, Alaska, Spirit, have moved terminals. JetBlue and Alaska operate from Terminal A and Spirit and Frontier depart from Terminal C and arrive at Terminal D. Read more here: news/lgaonthemove/


  • Take Public Transportation: Save money, the environment and help to reduce traffic congestion by using LaGuardia Link (Q70) MTA bus that travels between the Roosevelt Ave/74th St. subway station and LaGuardia Central Terminal B. The Q70 is free through Tuesday, January 2nd. For complete information on all public transportation options, visit: getting-to-from/by-public-transit/


  • Finding Your Taxi: The authorized taxi stand is located on the west side of the terminal. Simply turn right upon exiting onto the arrivals curb and follow the signs. Please allow extra time, as taxis will be in high demand during busy travel times. Be safe and don't get ripped off - do not accept unauthorized rides.


  • Finding your Uber, Lyft, or other For-Hire Vehicle: To find your For-Hire Vehicle, please take the free Green Route shuttle bus located at passenger pick-up area 11B to the For-Hire Vehicle pick- up lot. Between the hours of 10 pm and 6 am, your ride can be found on the departures level.


  • Parking: Parking Lot B, which includes a cell phone lot, is the designated lot for LaGuardia Central Terminal B passengers. A free shuttle bus (blue route) takes passengers from the lot to Terminal

  • Drivers waiting to pick up passengers should wait in the cell phone area of the lot for their friend/ family to call. Due to high demand, we encourage travellers to book parking in advanace here:


      Cell phone lot drivers can park for free for up to 3 hours and must stay with their cars.


  • Directions to Parking Lot B can be found on the website at from/driving-directions/.

  • Real-time parking information: The LaGuardia Airport website will also provide real time information on the capacity of each parking lot. Be sure to check prior to leaving home: http://


  • Stay Connected: Before leaving for the airport, check your flight status. And for more information   on

       the airport:


                                          A downloadable PDF of these tips can be found here

The holiday season is upon us and we expect LaGuardia Central Terminal B  and the entire airport to  be busy. We’re sharing our travel tips to help you navigate the airport and of course want to  encourage travellers to allow extra travel time and to take public transportation if possible.


LaGuardia Gateway Partners is building a new state-of-the-art Terminal B at LaGuardia Airport. 


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