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Elevate your travel with Terminal B's VIP Checkpoint experience.

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Terminal B's VIP Checkpoint experience provides a personalized and seamless transition from curb to gate, as well as refined level of service for guests seeking a more intimate setting, away from the bustle of the public terminal spaces. 

Arrive in Style

Enjoy access to a dedicated drop-off location on Level 1 of the Arrival & Departure Hall, where you’ll be greeted by our concierge staff who can offer luggage assistance. 

Enjoy a Seamless Journey

Upon arrival at the VIP Checkpoint, you’ll have a dedicated staff member who will provide you with a personalized check-in experience. 

Relax in an Elevated Atmosphere

Enjoy our stylish, smartly appointed checkpoint away from the bustle of the public terminal. 

Access our World-Class Terminal

Once you’ve completed Security screening, be whisked via a private elevator to a dedicated entrance to our award-winning terminal where you’ll be able to enjoy a world of passenger amenities. 


  1. Book your VIP
check-in and screening appointment (subject to availability) via
our digital booking platform 

  2. Arrive at Terminal B Level 1 and be greeted by our dedicated VIP Screening Staff

  3. Porter service available for those with
checked luggage

  4. Full-service check in assistance available (Subject to airline specific policies and procedures)

  5. Enjoy speedy, private TSA screening

  6. Access public areas via a private elevator 

  7. Enjoy Terminal B’s award-winning facility
which includes world-class lounges, dining
and shopping.  

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