Waste Management

Construction Waste Management

Throughout the construction phases, the new Terminal B project team has diverted more than 90% of the construction waste from the landfill.

Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Waste

To coincide with the opening of Terminal B’s eastern concourse, LGP introduced the “B GREEN” initiative.  The Terminal “B GREEN” initiative seeks to raise awareness and promote the implementation of sustainable practices and environmental stewardship while considering the social and economic impacts of such actions.  The recycling of routine O&M waste generated from terminal operations is a key element of LGP’s “B GREEN” initiative.  Discarded metals, glass, & plastic containers, corrugated cardboard boxes & paper products; as well as, waste cooking oil/grease are targeted for landfill diversion.

With the opening of the new Arrivals and Departures Hall in June 2020, concessions partners have phased out single-use plastic straws at their locations in the new Terminal B. This comes as part of LGP’s commitment to create a terminal that combines the best of what New York has to offer with sustainable design and operation. The elimination of single-use plastic straws aims to reduce the environmental impact of the +280M plastic straws used daily in the United States, including their contribution to climate change, ocean pollution, and the accumulation of microplastics in the food chain. Our commercial partners have procured naturally degradable or reusable straw alternatives.